You get better every day for the installation of solar panels at home. Solar panels are becoming more common and inexpensive alongside renewable energy generation and helping you lower your power consumption:

In the United States, solar rose by an average of 59% annually from 2006 to 2016. Solar energy expanded more exponentially internationally in 2016 than any other alternative source of electricity.

As the technologies advanced and demand grew, the average residential solar system decreased from over $40,000 in 2010 to about $17,000 in 2018 — before any subsidies were taken into consideration.

In certain instances, the solar system makes sense as a time-consuming project.

How are solar panels improving home value?

It looks like that! U.S.- led study Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Department of Energy, claims that homeowners are going to pay the solar premium for their houses. It is important to understand what makes it so attractive for home purchasers and how solar panels will boost your home value, whether you’re considering or have it at home.

The secret: Energy efficiency is excellent for the planet and your wallet. In general, energy efficiency enhancements improve the value of the house and property.

Why is solar power so important?

In Texas, better houses have been sold in the United States for an 8% average higher than less secure houses according to U.S Green Building Council.

Homeowners like them when it comes to solar panels. Sixty-one percent of respondents said that solar power and water heating systems were either preferable or necessary in the house they considered for purchasing in a 2015 National Association of Homebuyers (NAHB) poll. In addition, research reveals that solar homes in some countries are selling more than non-solar homes.

And buyers often consider energy conservation but want a “move-in-ready” home. In a home that has solar in operation, you will see an added benefit.

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By how much does a solar panel installation raise the worth of your home value?

In contrast with other significant home improvements, it is a relatively simple, mess-free method to install solar panels that do not mess with your living room. When a free solar appraisal has been made, and the panels have been determined, all left is paperwork going into the correct channels. Then it’s time to upgrade – it normally takes just one day.

When you start your solar panels running, you will be less electricity dependent on the grid, and your device will continue to save you electricity. But even though you are not confident you remain at home for enough time to recover the costs, solar panels help to be a wise investment because they bring value to your home.

So what benefit is given to a house by solar panels? This relies on various variables.

  • Where do you live in the country?
  • The electricity price in your region
  • Your home’s scale, condition, and original value
  • The solar panel era
  • How well the machine saves electricity

The Berkeley Lab study states that every watt of solar power installed adds about 3 dollars to a home’s value.

On average, 5,000 watts of electricity is produced by the national residential solar system.

Translation: A solar-equipped home could likely add about ($3 x 5,000 watts=) $15,000 to a home ‘s value. Very incredible!

What are the other advantages of having a solar house?

Alongside the potential to increase the value of a home, solar panels offer homeowners several other advantages:

The use of a renewable power source helps to protect the earth. A home that uses solar light to generate electricity decreases fossil fuel consumption and removes greenhouse gasses such as CO2 (or carbon dioxide).

Solar panels may contribute to lowering your bill for fuel. Following a decent amount of savings on the energy bill, which can, by the way, be significantly reduced by federal, state, and local tax credits, having solar is like receiving free electricity for the remainder of the panel’s lifetime.


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