Homes and businesses across the country are transitioning away from a fossil-fueled electricity grid towards a clean energy economy, necessitated by emissions reduction targets in a time of global climate change. It’s time to give residential solar the credit it deserves. Learn everything there is to know about the residential solar industry.

Solar panels are widely being used as an alternative source of power in both homes and offices. Solar panels generate electricity by allowing light particles or photons to knock atoms and release electrons. Each solar panel consists of multiple photovoltaic cells which are responsible for converting sunlight into electrical energy. Different solar panels contain other numbers of photovoltaic cells, with the bigger panels containing more of them, hence producing more electricity. 

Solar panels are great investments for several reasons. For one, solar energy is renewable, making it available all the time, and most importantly, cost-effective. Solar energy can also reduce electricity energy and serve as a good backup when there is a power outage. Solar energy has diverse applications, and it is also low maintenance. 

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What to know about residential solar panels. 

1. Panels for business and residential use are different

If you are not so conversant with solar panels, this might come as a surprise. The solar panels used in business premises and homes vary in several ways. For one, they differ in scale. That is, residential solar panels may hold about six kilowatts. On the other hand, commercial solar panels have to hold more as the commercial energy needs are more compared to residential.

This will cause a variance in the size of the panels, and most importantly, the cost. While homeowners can easily purchase residential solar panels, commercial panels may call for investors and the pooling or resources. 

2. You do not have to install solar panels on the roof

Note that not all roofs are suitable for installing solar panels. Thatched roofs, asbestos roofs, and flat roofs are not usually ideal for mounting solar panels. The good news is that even if your roof is not suitable for a solar panel, you have an alternative way of setting it up. 

You can do ground-mounting by installing the panel a few feet above the ground. Finding the right spot to mount the solar panel on your property is essential to install them where they can receive adequate amounts of sunlight, converting them into electricity. 

3. Solar panels have become more affordable

Initially, homeowners were reluctant to incorporate solar energy for backup power due to the cost implications. Solar panels have become popular across time, leading to more of these devices being manufactured. The high supply of solar panels has led to a significant drop in their cost. 

The initial cost and the cost of ownership of solar panels is low today, making it a pocket-friendly yet excellent investment. 

4. How long it takes to install residential solar panels

Most of the solar companies will complete the job in three days. However, note that there is a lot more involved before a permit is given for the installation. Also, the time it will take to have a fully functioning solar system will vary depending on several factors. For one, the schedule of a local solar company you are partnering with. If their technicians are busy, then they might take a while before they come on site.

Inspection has to be done before the company gets a permit to mount the panel on your roof or property, and depending on your state, the process can take a week or even a month. The type of solar panel you want to install will also determine the amount of time to have it up and running. For instance, a panel is mounted on the ground may take longer to install than a roof-mounted panel. Sometimes homes might need upgrades to make them compatible, and this can also delay the installation of the solar panel. 

5. A solar power system can increase the value of your home

Homeowners often worry about installing solar panels in their homes, especially if they do not plan to stay there forever. One of the things that make solar panels a good investment is a fact that they never cease being beneficial even when you move from the residence.

People buying homes today prefer homes with solar panels due to the energy cost savings advantage that they come with. Therefore, it does not matter whether you will be on the property all through your lifeline or stay only for a decade; installing a solar panel is a worthy investment that will benefit you in the long run.

During your stay, you will save money, and during a sale, you can factor in the cost of installing the panel in the price of the house and compensate for the investment. This will give you enough money to incorporate a solar system in the new home if it doesn’t have one. 

6. Your solar panel can be metered with the grid

This will ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of having the system in your home. Residential solar systems can be connected to the grid depending on the preferences of the homeowner. Several advantages come with net metering solar systems. For one, you will not need extra energy storage; however, you can invest in storage if you prefer your system to be out of the grid.

When connected to the grid, you can receive bill credits when your solar system produces excess electricity. This will help save on energy bills. You can also use the bill credits to cover for electricity during the seasons that the solar panel does not produce adequate electricity.


With the information above, you will understand how a solar system can work for you, and help you choose one that meets your electricity needs.

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