With the realization of the freedom and immeasurable advantages of owning independent power systems, many people are choosing to live off the grid. 

As the vulnerabilities of the power grid have come to light, many more people are following the trend. It is worthy of note that those who make their own energy are closer to the forefront of power technology than those who do not.

Living off the grid involves more than just owning a rooftop solar panel, it stretches further to include energy storage in home batteries in order to achieve a truly stand-alone solar power. It means generating and storing all of the energy your household could ever need for an uninterrupted discharge even when your solar panel generation tapers off. A huge battery attached to an environmental tech solar array is what you need to attain a hi-tech lifestyle on clean solar energy. 

how off the grid solar power works

While there are lots of advantages associated with New Mexico solar panels, the freedoms connected with it are worthy of note. One of the major freedoms of living off the grid is that you can live anywhere you want, whether there is utility access or not. Properties on lands beyond the power line cost so much less than properties with access to commercial electricity since no access to utility is already a major disadvantage. However, hooking up to the unreliable grid from such areas can be very expensive.

To be on the safe side, one could simply install solar panels with a home battery in a property or on an inexpensive and remote land and not have to worry about the rising utility costs.

Also, living off the grid offers some economic freedom; it frees you from ongoing electric bills that continually increase. And as more people continue to abandon the grid, the cost of maintaining its infrastructure for the remaining properties will be shared amongst the shrinking number of households, and this means a rising utility cost. However, on the other hand, you just have to buy the solar system once and it’s all yours.

Though there are several reasons why you should go off-grid, this option may not be for everyone. If your household places a high value on independence and do not want to put your livelihood on the line for the aging, unreliable network of vulnerable wires and stations of the grid, then you may want to consider getting off the grid.

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Off the grid solar power is also for you if you want to power your home on 100% clean energy. This cannot be achieved if you only installed a rooftop solar and have to tap into the grid to compensate for the energy you can’t generate in the evening hours since the electrical utilities use dirty, fossil fuel technology to meet their customers’ demand. So the only way to get 100% clean energy for your household use is to create and store energy in a home battery. 

In conclusion, getting a solar battery backup to set up a stand-alone solar power or independent power system is the best investment anyone can make at a time like this. Though this investment will require an upfront cost, you’ll realize that you have saved more in the long run.

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