Having a solar-powered home battery backup is one of the most effective ways of overcoming the bottleneck of unreliable grids, which can be caused by hurricanes, excessive load on transmission lines, and old infrastructure. No matter how stable the grids may be, there are times where you will experience blackouts for legitimate reasons; it could be the grid is undergoing maintenance. 

The question is, what happens when you lose electricity? People today rely on electricity to get almost everything done in homes, and you need to install a solar-powered home battery backup installation for the following reasons

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1. Peace of mind

With a solar-powered battery backup system in your home, you will not have to worry about how you will light up your home after an outage. You will also not have to worry about the food in the refrigerator spoiling, or about your family is safe at home.

2. Uninterrupted use of electrical appliances

Your cooling systems, heater, electronics, and other appliances will keep running independently of the power grid. It is usually so annoying when you have urgent work to do, and you don’t even have power for your laptop and other appliances.

3. Comfort

Mother nature usually causes most blackouts. Hurricanes and storms alone are enough to bring discomfort when at home. The case is even worse when you have no electricity to power your television or light your home. A solar battery backup ensures that the comfort remains constant, even in the middle of a storm.

The other benefits of having a solar battery backup for the home include reduced energy costs, warding off burglars, and adding to your home’s value.


Why a solar home battery backup is right for you

Having a backup power installation done in your home is a wise investment to make. It is important to note that you have more than one option on the type of system for backup power. While generators have been around for some time and have been widely used for power backup, the best option to choose would be a solar-powered backup system. Here are the reasons why.

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1. Cost-effectiveness

The discrepancy regarding the cost of a solar-powered battery backup compared to a generator occurs when you look only at the initial cost. Well, the truth is the solar power system will cost more initially. However, this will be the only cost you might have to incur in the future apart from the cost of maintenance, which is negligible.

With solutions like generators, remember that you will have to buy fuel now and then to power the system. On the other hand, a solar-powered battery is powered by renewable energy, which comes from the sun for free. Therefore, this is a good option for taking care of your home power needs during an outage, and at the same time, saving significantly on costs.

2. No pollution

Note that for the generator to provide power backup, fuel, which could be petrol, diesel, or propane, has to burn. This leads to a buildup of emissions in your home. The exhaust fumes produced by the generator can weigh down the quality of air in your home. The good thing about solar-powered batteries is that they cater to all your home electricity needs without impeding the quality of the air your family breathes. Solar power will also make you a contributor to the ongoing global environmental preservation efforts.

3. No noise

The sound produced by the generator can be distracting and will deny you the peace you should be enjoying in your home. Solar-powered batteries operate in silence, and it will be hard to tell if they are even there. If you are looking for an experience similar to that of electricity from the grids, then a solar battery is your best bet.

4. Maintenance

The maintenance requirements for a solar-powered battery backup for home are meager. Once the solar panels have been installed properly on the roof, then you are good to go. They will do their job without much human intervention. That is mainly because they also don’t have many moving parts.

That is unlike generators that rely on burning fossil fuels to operate. For this reason, they need to be continuously checked if they are operating correctly. You also have to refill the fuel when it is depleted and continually check for the fuel level available in the generator.

Solar batteries take away all this burden, and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the power supply: they require less manual labor. The only thing you will need to do is clean the panels and fill the battery with distilled water from time to time.

5. Reliable

It is important to note that generators do not store energy. They have to be started in order to convert the fuel into energy. What this means is that if the fuel is depleted, you will have no electricity. The case is different with solar-powered batteries, something that makes them reliable.

The solar battery relies on the sun rays, which are reliable and free. The batteries are able to store energy, meaning that you will continue enjoying the supply of electricity even if the sun is not up. Also, it is scarce to experience solar batteries breakdown as they don’t have moving parts. They will function optimally for a long time with no interruptions.

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Solar-powered backup battery installation for home is a safe and reliable option. Unlike generators, which can cause fires if kept in a closed room, this is not something you have to worry about with solar batteries. Solar panels are also pretty easy to install, and the batteries are easy to operate. During a power failure, you can safely stay in your home with no emergencies like going out to find fuel: this adds to their reliability benefit. With this unit installed in your home, you will no longer feel pressured by power outage emergencies as things will run as usual.

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