Individuals, businesses, and governments are investing top-dollar in solar energy R&D. Increased investment has been occasioned by governments coming alive to the enormity of the threat posed by global warming. These efforts continue bearing fruits, as we can see with the introduction of more efficient and cheaper solar panels in the market. Today we have solar panels whose efficiency maxes out at 23%, which was almost impossible to imagine a few years ago. Solar panels also continue to increase in size; a larger surface area means more sun rays trapped and more energy.

For a long time, the solar panels with the highest wattage had 400 Watts. It was not until recently that we got the first 500 Watt panels as below.

The Tiger Pro

This 500 – Watt solar panel was first developed in 2020 by JinKo Solar. The manufacturer is based in Shanghai, China, but it has a presence in different countries globally, including the NYSE. It is also the biggest manufacturer of solar panels at the moment. This 500-watt module has an impressive efficiency of 21.4%, which translates to 585 watts of energy.

The Duomax and Tallmax V

Another Chinese company, Trina Solar, manufactures these. They are bifocal, as the company specializes in the manufacture of bifocal panels. The company is based in Changzhou, China, and it has been in operation since 1997.

These Chinese companies and many other companies worldwide have been pushing the innovation frontiers in solar energy. Although they are available, these 500 – watts solar panels need more work to fit the domestic environment. At the moment, they are too bulky for homes, and they are being used mostly in large installations such as those who would like to get the power into the power grid then.

The possibility of this magnitude of panels getting appropriately sized for residences shortly isn’t far-fetched, not after watching the 500-watt panel become a reality yet. It appeared to be an impossibility only five years ago.

At the moment, to reach the 500-watt solar power at home, you have to connect several panels, which is usually difficult and cumbersome. An appropriately sized single panel would make a huge difference in powering domestic power needs and, of course, lead to a cleaner environment.

Why High Wattage Solar Panels are Better

Many people who use solar energy have found it impossible to offset their energy use with solar, often due to space. Few homes have enough roof space to install all the panels needed to cater to your home’s energy needs. A single high wattage solar panel could eliminate this problem once and for all.

Ultimately, a single solar panel with high output is cheaper and easier to maintain than many panels combined to get the same amount of energy. Of course, when you put many panels together, they need more accessories, which pushes the cost higher.

The other advantage of these panels is that they increase the possibility of using solar to power vehicles, fridges, etc. One will now only need a single panel to run a vehicle for long enough distances to make it viable.

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