Homeowners who have solar panels or those looking to install solar panels will want to get the most functionality out of their energy system. One great way to achieve this is to have a solar battery backup system for your home to improve your electricity generation system’s performance throughout the day. 

The average monthly electric bill in the United States is about $110.76, which makes it one of the priciest household bills for many families. However, while solar panels can significantly reduce this bill, they don’t typically store the excess energy your system create for later use. Homes still have to depend on the grid for power when the sun is down.solar battery backup system for home

Note that depending on the grid comes with its challenges; however, such challenges can be skipped with home solar batteries that allow homeowners to make the best of the energy their system generates, and pay less in bills.




Here are the benefits of a solar battery backup system for your home

Maximize Use Of Your Solar Power

Normally, solar systems are backed up to the grid to send in excess electricity generated in the day, which can be used when your system isn’t generating enough energy for your household use, for instance, when you have bad weather, little sunshine, or at night. 

While there’s the net metering credit system where utility companies in most states offer credits to homeowners for sending back the excess electricity their solar panels generate into the grid, there is still a downside to it.

The new meter regulations are somewhat unfair, and some utility companies utilize solar energy at low cost and send homeowners three times more in bills when they buy back electricity for use.

However, installing a home battery backup to store the excess electricity your system generates for use when your system isn’t generating enough energy gives you control over your electricity.

You have a chance to take advantage of every drop of energy your system generates without paying extra fees to the grid.

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Achieve Greater Energy Security

As a backup power source, solar battery systems allow for more resilience when it comes to energy. This is particularly useful if your solar system is connected to an occasionally unstable grid, and you want to have a greater level of certainty for your home’s power.

  With a solar battery backup system for your home, key aspects of your home will be powered for hours even if the grid is down.

Reduce/Eliminate Electric Bills

One of the most significant benefits associated with solar battery backup installations is that they will help homeowners save more on electricity costs. You get to save the fees that the electricity retailers want to charge you every month simply by becoming self-sufficient with your electricity generation. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Taking your home off the grid completely or working towards energy self-sufficiency are great ways to reduce your carbon footprint. This is important for people who want to reduce pollution by going green.

Unlike traditional energy sources and standard diesel generators that also serve as backup energy sources, solar batteries provide backup power without generating greenhouse gas emissions. Home batteries are as earth-friendly as they are reliable.

No Noise Pollution

Solar panels, as well as their batteries, are a quiet source of energy. Homeowners who use generators as backup power sources understand how noisy they can be, and they also make for very unhappy neighbors as a result of the noise pollution.

With your home solar panels and battery backup, there’ll certainly be no noise, which means you’ll get to sleep better at night, and give fewer reasons for neighbors to be mad. 

Affordable To Install

While there are claims that solar systems do not make financial sense for many people, you might be surprised at how much financial sense it makes when you check the amount of savings you make each year on rising and fluctuating electricity costs.

Also, there are government incentives that cover both solar panels and battery backup installations for homes, which makes the cost of installing your solar power system all the more reasonable. 

Final Thoughts

Home solar batteries offer reasonable benefits to New Mexico homeowners looking for ways to improve their energy self-sufficiency and reduce pollution in the atmosphere.

Also, with some of the energy your system generates being reserved, you’ll have less need to consume the costly energy from the traditional electric grid. If you are looking to install a solar battery backup system for your home, local solar companies in New Mexico such as New Mexico Water & Electric got you covered.

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