There are several ways to save money on electricity consumption, but few of these methods are as effective as off-peak electricity use. For people on TOU (Time-of-use) plan, this option is perfect for cost-saving. So how does it work? 

Off-peak electricity consumption is about taking advantage of the low cost of electricity during the off-peak period. During peak time, electricity is more expensive and charged at a higher rate. And that’s because it is in higher demand at that period and more people want and need it for all sorts of things. But once it enters the off-peak period, the demand reduced because fewer people want to use it. 

New Mexico Water & Electric encourages people to take advantage of the cheaper electricity rate during off-peak periods to reduce their expenses on power. The off-peak period is usually during the night or early in the morning. So, consumers can target these periods to run their heavy home appliances like dryers, washing machines, etc. If you have a workshop where you carry out DIY projects with heavy machinery, this is probably the best time to get it done. 

How To Take Advantage Of Off-Peak Electricity Consumption

Change of habit and your routine is the biggest challenge to taking full advantage of off-peak electricity consumption. Most people are very active during the day, which corresponds with the time when electricity is in high demand. If you’re determined to save electricity costs using this method then, you’ll need to wake up very early in the morning to start your daily chores. You may also have to wait until the night before you do certain things you’re used to doing in the daytime. 

Another way to take advantage of the money-saving opportunity that off-peak electricity offers is to invest in power storage like batteries. Today, many homeowners are already installing batteries for several reasons. They require a backup plan to help power their homes during power outages due to storms and other environmental factors. They’re also playing a role in reducing carbon footprint by minimizing their electricity dependence generated from fossil fuels. 

But batteries can also play a significant role in taking advantage of off-peak electricity consumption. You can charge the batteries during the off-peak period and use them during the peak period, which will save you money in two ways. But then, you have to consider the cost of acquiring the batteries and how many cycles it will take before they expire. Using batteries will also discourage people from wasting electricity because you want it to last, and it will make you aware of your power consumption habits. 

Save More Money By Installing Solar Energy 

Whether you want to take advantage of off-grid power consumption or buy a storage battery, having solar installation will help improve your cost-saving plans. New Mexico Water & Electric is a reliable company offering the best solar installation for commercial and residential properties. The company proudly serves the Sierra County, New Mexico area, with the latest solar electricity technology, providing independent power that reduces utility costs. 

Clients can contact them for a consultation to help them determine the right solar installation project that will suit their needs. They offer on/off-grid solar installation, water well systems, solar battery backup, and electrical services and maintenance. Customers who install solar experience at least 40% power saving, and when used along with off-grid power consumption, will reduce electrical power costs even more. Therefore, it is wise to take the initiative to harvest new energy, save more on bills, and improve the environment for the sake of future generations.

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