With the cost of energy skyrocketing every year, it’s easy to understand why more and more of us are turning towards new, innovative solutions.


New Mexico Water & Electric offers effective, safe, and affordable solar energy for every business or home. We tailor scalable applications, on and off the grid, designed for longevity. With our team, you get seamless service, clear communication, and the best in-home energy solutions.

Home Energy Solutions

Eco-benefits of Solar Energy

Our services help our customers save money, but we combine that with helping the world go green. The benefits of renewable energy to the environment are immeasurable.

Air Pollution Reduction

Solar power generates clean energy. Its production won’t contribute to putting pollutants in the air.

Water Usage

Solutions like nuclear energy and hydropower consume a ton of water to make electricity. Solar panels maximize business and household energy usage while not wasting water or pumping up your bills.

Less Non-renewable Energy Dependence

Non-renewable resources produce pollutants that negatively impact the air we breathe. They’re also truly non-renewable as they run out. One day, the world will simply be out of fossil fuels, and we need to deal with that before we face a disaster.

Long-run Improvement of Humanity’s Health

When we take care of the planet, we’re really taking care of ourselves, our families, and loved ones.


With fewer contaminants in the air, we lower the risks associated with inhaling the debris of conventional energy productions. We keep our waters cleaner and ensure we leave this planet in a good state for our children.

Fight Climate Change

Conventional energy processes contribute to the growing climate crisis many parts of the world are facing.


A home energy audit will show the process dramatically reduces the number of pollutants and CO2 we release. Solar energy is a solid solution for preventing these negative impacts on our climate.

Eco-benefits of Solar Energy for You

Solar panels, of course, don’t merely help the environment. They provide a host of benefits for energy independence. Here are a few reasons to look into these home energy solutions beyond the environment!

Cut or Eliminate Utility Bills

Solar panels pull energy even when sunlight’s low. You may produce less energy on cloudy days, but you can still keep your home safe and comfortable. 

Get Your Rebates and Credits

Your solar solution can actually pay you. There is a federal income tax credit that earns you thousands of dollars for utilizing green energy. There are state and local incentives, as well as Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC). The Return On Investment (ROI) on your home energy usage may more than make the installation worth it.

You Save From Day One

Every property owner knows energy costs can fly into the thousands every year. Solar energy promises to reduce and even eliminate these expenses, offering long-term savings. They also improve the value of your property.

A Low Maintenance Solution

There’s little to no maintenance for managing solar power. Correctly and professionally installed, you won’t have much to do. Unlike other power solutions, you do not need scheduled checkups or maintenance contracts. All you should do is keep your installer on speed dial if you do have an issue or question.


Managing the integrity and comfort of a property is what we do here at New Mexico Water & Electric. We’re fully licensed, with only the top electricians to install, repair, and maintain your systems. That includes on- and off-grid solar systems, electrical services, and water well systems.


If you need us, reach out today!

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