Are you planning to go solar in Albuquerque? Well, that’s a brilliant choice given the fact that the city is rich in sunlight. Naturally, the city hosts many solar panel providers and it can be overwhelming to choose one amongst the lot.


However, you have no reason to fret as we are here with an easy-to-read guide on everything you need to know about installing solar in Albuquerque and finding the best Albuquerque solar companies to partner with.


Let us get started.


Going solar in Albuquerque


One of the best things about New Mexico is the abundant sunshine. Further, the residents can also enjoy up to 22% federal tax credit as an incentive to install solar panels. So now is the best time to take action, install solar and maximize your savings potential in Albuquerque.


A solar panel is capable of doing much more than saving your money. Yes, that’s right. Here are four reasons why you should go solar and be a smart consumer!


1.   Carbon footprint matters


Human beings have an endless demand for energy. The need only continues to increase each passing day! While we cannot diminish the need, we can certainly take actions that reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. Using solar energy is one way to do it! We’ll tell you how.


With solar panels, you can be assured of generating power with zero emissions. meet all your energy needs with green energy right away and put the lid on conventional energy. Are you wondering if you will be able to make a difference alone? Your concerns are valid, and here’s the good news – Yes, you can make a difference.


Every kilowatt of green energy is capable of reducing your carbon footprint by 3,000 pounds yearly. Click To Tweet


2.   Eco-friendly housing


We have already established that solar energy is much cleaner compared to traditional sources of energy. As a smart citizen, you do not need to rely on an external energy provider. Sun can become your own sustainable power source with the use of solar panels.


Since these panels do not generate greenhouse gases, you can do your bit towards combating climate change. Solar panels let you save both money and the planet. Can this deal get any better?


3.   Increase the value of your home


Did you know that a house equipped with solar panels is much preferred by buyers? Yes, that’s right. Solar panels mean reduced utility bills. Who doesn’t want to some free extra bucks!


Thus, the solar panels will increase the overall worth of your home in the market. Here’s an interesting survey finding:


Houses with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% higher value. Click To Tweet


4.   High ROIs


We all agree with the fact that investing in solar for your home is a worthwhile investment. Although most solar companies have a fluctuating rate card for their services, you can easily calculate the energy costs for the upcoming 20 years with simple math.


Moreover, it is always wise to do your research and partner with reliable solar companies like New Mexico Water and Electric for your solar needs.


Albuquerque Solar Companies


Cost of Installation


The solar installation costs in New Mexico vary based on a variety of factors. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Size of your house
  2. Equipment costs
  3. Your home’s energy needs
  4. Your energy goals


To understand the specifics of your investment, we advise you to consult a trusted solar company like New Mexico Water and Electric and get an estimate. You will be assisted by a solar sales specialist who can offer you the appropriate estimate customized as per your home’s size, your energy requirements, and other important aspects.


But, here’s good news for the residents of New Mexico. The state offers multiple solar incentives, which further reduce the initial price tag. Get in touch with Albuquerque solar companies to find out more about how big you can save by installing solar over your roof.


Albuquerque solar incentives


It is undeniable that a solar system installed in your home promises long-term savings. You no longer have to be worried about the ever-increasing electricity prices. As long as you produce your own electricity, your carbon footprint and expenses will be in check!


Moreover, trustworthy and reputed Albuquerque solar companies like the New Mexico Water and Electric company offer several warranties and guarantees that are certain to make your journey with solar brilliant and stress-free!


Now, who doesn’t prefer a low maintenance investment that runs for years? Yes, we understand how excited you are! In addition, here are some more incentives you can enjoy as a smart, solar consumer:

  1. As stated above, the state offers about a 22% rebate on solar panel installation in the form of a federal solar tax credit.
  2. Credit in the following forms is also made available to people who install solar at their homes:
  • Property tax exemption
  • Sustainable building tax credit
  • Sales tax exemption
  • Net metering (a billing mechanism that credits solar owners for the amount of electricity they add to the grid)


Wrapping up: How to choose the best Albuquerque solar company?


Here are a few tips that enable you to select the best from a lot of Albuquerque solar companies with ease.


  1. Check for the company’s warranty. From the technicians working there to the products used, make sure they are all certified. This way, you can be sure that you can be sure of making an investment that generates the highest ROIs.
  2. Read reviews and talk to people. Try to hunt for references. Speak to people who have already installed solar and ask about their experience. If you are reading online and you find a number of negative reviews (that have more or less repeating complaints), it is a clear indication that the company is not right for you. Despite how popular the respective company is, it is best to stay away from it.
  3. Find a reputed company that has been in the field for long enough. This way, your warranties, and guarantees are also protected. Your investment will sustain you in the years to come.


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