Off grid Solar Battery Backup System

Getting a solar battery backup system for home use is a great way to protect yourself from power grid failures. Whether you want to keep the air conditioning running or need to power medical equipment, solar battery systems give you power wherever you are.

There’s never been a better time to get a solar battery backup system. Here’s how solar systems can be useful for you.

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Solar Power for Residences

Getting a solar battery backup system for home use is a great way to protect yourself from power grid failures. Whether you want to keep the air conditioning running or need to power medical equipment, solar battery systems give you power wherever you are.

We can also install a grid tie solar system with battery backup units. This is a great way to keep using the regular power grid at home while only switching over to battery systems during emergencies.

If you’re not looking for the full-scale solar power New Mexico residences sometimes want, we also install solar pond pumps with battery backup units. These can be practical ponds for farm use, or they can be ornamental farms where you can set them in place and never need to worry about power failures impacting them.

Solar Power for Businesses

Getting enough solar power for businesses is different from installing panels in residential areas, but we’re ready to provide customized solutions for commercial customers. Whether you want a simple solar fountain pump with battery backup units outside your office or you want to move entirely off-grid, we’re ready to look at the possibilities.

Fortunately for off grid New Mexico businesses, we tend to get a lot of sunlight, and solar systems are significantly more viable in most of the state. That means our solutions can work even if the same strategies wouldn’t get enough sunlight in northern parts of the country.

Having a solar battery backup system is particularly useful if you have any sensitive data or need to ensure uptime for computers or databases.

This is most important for medical businesses where access to power can literally be the difference between life and death, but most other commercial facilities can also benefit from a solar battery backup system.

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Solar Power for Farms

Farms are a unique environment for solar panels. Most farms are ideal terrain for putting up solar panels because there’s a lot of space to maximize performance, but that’s not the same thing as being able to use that space freely. That’s why tailoring a system to store electricity for a farm is often trickier than it looks at first.


Fortunately, as your experienced solar providers, we know how to make solar systems that work for farm environments. Whether you want to provide constant power to pumps for livestock water wells or illuminate large fields throughout the night, we’re ready to create the solutions you need.

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Can I Get a Positive Return on Investment from Installing a Solar System?

We get that question a lot, and the answer is “maybe.” Here’s why.


Companies have different energy needs. Some businesses only need to power their lights and a couple of sales terminals, while others need heavy air conditioning while running multiple power-hungry servers.


Any company can profit from switching to solar panels if they have enough space and meet relatively low energy requirements. Still, some businesses don’t have enough room for as many panels as they want. This is most common for companies that share buildings with other companies.


As your experts in the New Mexico area, we provide personalized solutions that consider your unique circumstances. If it’s possible to benefit, we’ll figure out how. No company can guarantee systems for you without at least coming out to check your facilities. Still, we’re proud of our ability to find creative solutions for customers who need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions people have about getting a solar battery backup system.

Off-grid solar backup systems are independent power generation and storage systems that you can use whenever you don’t have access to the regular power grid. They can run entirely as backups, which is what many buyers prefer, but you can also use them independently in areas where there are no connections to the power grid.

That depends. The primary power grid is a mostly-reliable source of virtually any amount of electricity you could need, which is why many people prefer to use it for most day-to-day operations.


Going completely off-grid is easiest when you have a lot of space and comparatively low electricity usage. If you can collect more with your solar panels than you use each day, you can completely eliminate your electricity bills while ensuring greater reliability than the normal grid.


If you don’t have enough space or you use too much electricity, you might not be able to go completely off-grid. In these cases, solar battery backup systems can give you enough power for at least a few hours, which is hopefully enough time for the primary grid to come back up.

You can store as much electricity as your battery systems support. Many people try to get 12-24 hours worth of electricity from their systems, but we can provide significantly more capacity for customers who need it.

Want to Learn If Off-Grid Backups Are Right for You?

Contact us today for a free quote. Solar power is more viable now than ever before, and you might be surprised at how much money you could save.

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